When something goes wrong either in pregnancy or childbirth the consequences can be devastating for mother, baby and family.  Gynaecological problems, if left undiagnosed and untreated, can lead to severe, damaging complications.  A mismanaged birth can lead to an otherwise healthy baby sustaining brain damage or dying.

If your treatment has been negligent and you are left facing a difficult future, let us help you.  At Patient Protection we understand what you are going through and care deeply that you are given the compensation you need and deserve.

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Problems at Birth for the Baby and Mother

Childbirth is one of the most natural functions we can perform.  When things go as planned, a healthy baby is delivered to a healthy mother and both are given the care they need for the life ahead.  When problems arise and are not handled with appropriate skill, the consequences can be devastating to mother, child and the whole of the family

Birth injuries to the baby
  • Head injury following the use of forceps
  • Erb’s palsy (damage to nerves following shoulder dystocia)
  • Cerebral Palsy
    • About 1 in 400 babies are born with Cerebral palsy in the UK
    • Cerebral Palsy is sometimes caused by oxygen starvation before or during birth, injuring the brain and leading to difficulty controlling muscles and movement.
    • Some cases are caused by infections in pregnancy and abnormal brain development.
    • Some cases are caused by the substandard management of difficult births
      • Failure to recognise pregnancy-related problems such as placental abruption or uterine prolapse
      • Failure to properly interpret the CTG (cardiotocography) trace monitoring the baby’s heart beat and mother’s contractions.
      • Delay in performing an emergency caesarean section delivery
      • Improper management of a baby who has become stuck at the shoulders (shoulder dystocia)

Babies born with Cerebral Palsy will need additional care and specialist equipment for the rest of their lives.  A successful compensation claim can provide the child and their family with a level of support and care that could not possibly be provided by our limited state resources.

Injuries to the mother
  • Undiagnosed or incorrectly repaired 3rd or 4th degree tears
  • Episiotomy complications
  • Unrecognised significant blood loss
  • Untreated bladder / bowel damage
Gynaecological Negligence
  • We also specialise in gynaecological cases and have represented women where there have been complications in hysterectomy operations such as bowel or bladder damage or where there has been delay in the treatment of endometriosis. We also have succeeded where there has been a failed termination/abortion and where retained products of conception have been left in the womb. We have also acted for a number of women who have sustained severe injury due to the use of mesh, tape and slings for pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence after childbirth.