We all have a huge part to play in maintaining a healthy mouth and teaching family members good oral hygiene, but we should also be able to put our trust in our dentists to give us the very best advice and treatment.  When mistakes are made, there can be long-term consequences and the need for expensive remedial treatment.

If you or a family member have suffered from poorly managed treatment, let us help you.

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Dental Negligence

Dental treatment should be carried out in a safe, hygienic environment, by skilled and qualified practitioners. The premises should be equipped with instruments and materials appropriate to the clinical treatment provided, and the equipment must be correctly installed, checked and maintained. Reusable dental and medical instruments must be decontaminated to reduce the risk of infection.

Your dentist should give you clear information about the range of treatments that are available, and are relevant to your needs and preferences. This includes an explanation of the advantages, disadvantages, prognosis and costs of any treatment, as well as what may happen if you choose not to proceed.

Most dental patients are happy with the advice and treatment they receive and follow their dentist’s advice to maintain and improve oral health.  When mistakes are made, however, the pain and suffering caused can be long-term and lead to both emotional and physical stress.

Types of Dental Negligence claims
  • Extraction errors
  • Inadequate fillings, crowns or root canal treatment
  • Neglecting to diagnose, manage and treat tooth decay
  • Neglecting to diagnose and treat gum disease.
  • Dental Implant fitting errors.
  • Cosmetic dentistry accidents and errors
  • Orthodontic treatment such as that using braces to change the shape of the mouth

If you or a family member have suffered from poorly managed treatment, let us help you.  We will be able to give you free, initial advice, and help you on a No Win, No Fee basis.