Child health claimsWhen our children are ill and we seek medical help and advice, we trust that the care they are given will make them better and that they will ‘bounce back’ in no time.

Treating children involves specialist skills as, unlike with adults, they are often unable to explain how they are feeling, or where it hurts, especially when they are distressed.  Paediatricians are trained in communicating and listening skills and recognise the signs of serious illnesses.

Unfortunately, the treatment of children sometimes falls short of the standard we expect, which can lead to the following mistakes:

  • Not recognising the severity of the illness.
    • Infectious diseases, such as mumps, measles, etc.
    • Staphylococcal or meningococcal infections.
    • Acute epiglottitis
    • Low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia)
    • Acute anaphylaxis (acute response to an allergy)
    • Acute meningitis
    • Acute asthma
    • Status epilepticus (acute convulsions)
  • Medication dosing errors
  • Not recognising childhood conditions
    • Failure to recognise a childhood condition and give appropriate treatment can lead to long-term health problems or development delay.
  • Congenital problems such as heart defects, malformations of the skull and spine, cleft palate
Hearing or visual problems

Orthopaedic developmental problems such as Osgood-

  • Depression, self-harming, eating disorders

If you believe that a child in your care has suffered from medical negligence, or if you yourself have a claim for negligent care you received as a child then please let us help you. Let us hear about what has happened so we can give you the very best advice, with no obligation.

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