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We understand the trauma and difficulty of living through the aftermath of a medical mistake and know how upsetting it can be. We are here to listen and we are here to help. We are on your side and we have the expertise to help you get the medical negligence compensation you deserve and need to rebuild your life.



We know how daunting the medical negligence claim process can seem, so we will be with you, protecting and guiding you every step of the way.

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Tell us what has happened for free advice

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Evidence gathering

Step Three

Expert Evaluation

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We deal with the defendant’s legal team

Step Five

Negotiated settlement or court proceedings

Medical Negligence Solicitors – Patient Protection

Whenever you need medical advice or treatment, you confidently place your trust into the medical professionals who are treating us. Unfortunately, sometimes medical negligence can occur during clinical procedures which can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering.

Most medical mistakes are not intended, but due to certain circumstances, things can go wrong. If it’s proven that another healthcare worker of the same ability wouldn’t have made the same medical mistake, then a breach of duty has taken place.

If you’ve suffered due to the result of medical negligence, we’re here for you as we know how to make a positive difference in your life. We have a team of experienced medical negligence solicitors who will take their time to understand and sympathise with what you’re currently going through, and help you get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Medical negligence can occur in most areas of healthcare whether it’s private or through the NHS, at Patient Protection, we cover it all. This could be from being prescribed the wrong medication leading to illness, to a negligent surgery. All doctors and staff in healthcare have a responsibility to ensure that your wellbeing and health is well treated, however, if they dip below the high duty of care that they should be providing, then you could have a medical negligence claim.

If you’re worried about your financial situation and it’s deterring you from making your claim, here at Patient Protection we offer a no-win-no-fee agreement so there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t make a claim if you believe it has solid grounds. If you are unsure whether or not you have a claim, you can talk to one of our advisors who will provide you with free no obligation legal advice and will then advise you on what the next best steps are for you to take.

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